The reel lawn mower physique

Defender getting smoked

Defender getting smoked

One reason to love reel mowers is that they provide exercise. Look at the marvelous physical attributes of this reel-mower user, for example (the tall one, not the striker). His neighbors may pay to use a gym, whereas he can just mow his lawn and Look This Good. Now all he has to learn is not to turn his back on the guy with the ball.

Why reel lawn mowers excel, Reason #37: Safe around kids

Long live the new reel mower!

Long live the new reel mower!

I like my reel lawnmower because I can use it in one part of my yard while my kids play nearby.  Well, this should be past tense, at this point; my kids are no longer toddlers who need to be watched every moment. But when they were age 3, it was enormously convenient to have them playing in the right half of my front yard, say, while I mowed the left. I could mow without worrying about stones getting thrown at them by the mower.

Now, of course a determined 3-year-old can hurt himself anywhere, and I’m not saying that I could mow right through their game of let’s-pretend-we’re-in-the-Wizard of Oz-movie. But again, I was able to keep an eye on them while I did yard work. Before I had children, this would not have occurred to me as anything particularly important, but once the kids came along I found it enormously helpful.

(And now that they are older, they can pitch in with this mower at a younger age than I would want them to be in order to use a power mower . . . but wait, that’s Reason #61, and deserves its own post.)

City of Falls Church, Va. shows the love!

Well, not the City government, but the Falls Church City Environment Web. They have a nice entry on reel lawn mowers here:




The old mower.  Rest in peace.

The old mower. Rest in peace.

I’ve just bought a new reel lawn mower; and I realize I have so much to say about them, I need a blog.

This seems to be a desperately-needed site: I’ve seen a few blog entries here and there about the many pluses of reel mowers, but no dedicated site.  Here it is.