So, the electricity for green electric mowers . . .

dominion pieI’ve seen electric mowers referred to as “zero emissions,” but of course a lot of the electricity we use is generated by fossil fuels; which means the emissions exist, but they’re just happening at a power plant.

Where does my electricity come from?

I live in Northern Virginia, and my electric utility is Dominion.  Dominion generates electricity mostly through nuclear, coal, and natural gas. Dominion has this pie chart on their site, explaining their sources.

The coal-burning plants have emissions, and  there are also emissions with natural gas, through methane leaks. As for nuclear . . . well, I know nuclear energy has many fans, but personally I’d rather use muscle power to power my reel mower than nuclear to power an electric mower.

The Dominion report is here — the “generating facilities” link:

Reel mower weigh-in!

Like a feather!

Like a feather!

I recently replaced my old reel mower, which is probably 60 years old, with a new one. The old one’s gears were so worn on one side that they did not turn the wheel consistently.

The new one, an 18-inch Scott’s Supreme, is considerably lighter: it weighs around 21 pounds.  I weighed it with a luggage scale we have; the reading came out each time to between 20 and 22 pounds.

Then I weighed the old one . . . I thought it would turn out to be heavier than it really is: It’s 31 pounds.  (Again the scale read 30 to 32 on different weighings.)  It seems like it weighs twice as much as the new one, when I use it . . . maybe the better treads on the new tires make that much of a difference. In any case, it feels like a big difference. Snip.

The old mower.  Rest in peace.

The old mower. Rest in peace.

Reel commercial

The Endorsement Committee of Reel Mower Rally has not yet decided whether or not to approve this commercial . . . anyway, in the meantime, here it is: