Reel mower weigh-in!

Like a feather!

Like a feather!

I recently replaced my old reel mower, which is probably 60 years old, with a new one. The old one’s gears were so worn on one side that they did not turn the wheel consistently.

The new one, an 18-inch Scott’s Supreme, is considerably lighter: it weighs around 21 pounds.  I weighed it with a luggage scale we have; the reading came out each time to between 20 and 22 pounds.

Then I weighed the old one . . . I thought it would turn out to be heavier than it really is: It’s 31 pounds.  (Again the scale read 30 to 32 on different weighings.)  It seems like it weighs twice as much as the new one, when I use it . . . maybe the better treads on the new tires make that much of a difference. In any case, it feels like a big difference. Snip.

The old mower.  Rest in peace.

The old mower. Rest in peace.

5 Comments on “Reel mower weigh-in!”

  1. accidentalfission says:

    Saw your blog linked on Climate Progress. Great subject for a blog!

  2. peacegarret says:

    Thanks! I’ve added a “follow-this-blog” button on the sidebar for anyone who’s worried sick about missing a post.

  3. mark says:

    Reel mowers are definitely nice and manly :).well how is the scott’s supreme working out for you ? on what parameters did you compare before zeroing in on this one ?

    • peacegarret says:

      Thanks! It works well, I like it. The only thing that put me off a bit was that this one makes a higher-pitched cutting noise than my old one did; but I loosened the blade from the strike plate just a hair, and it quieted down (but still cuts well). Regarding how I picked this one, mostly just by width –there were narrower ones available, but this width makes for fewer passes.

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