Long live the new reel mower!

Long live the new reel mower!

On this blog we rally for the support of reel lawn mowers, and the real lawn mowers who use them.

Reel lawn mowers:

-Are quiet

-Don’t require gasoline, or oil (beyond a squirt of lube now and then); this is good in part because gas is not free, of course, but it’s also just nice not to have to deal with the gas and oil cans in the shed

-Provide exercise, but at the same time–

-Are easy to use

-Do a fine job cutting grass

And also, at the risk of arousing the ire of online commenters: Reel mowers are environmentally sound. Walk-behind law mowers, as of 2007, were emitting as much pollution per hour as 11 new cars, according to an often-cited article from the EPA:


New regulations have made them much cleaner, in the years since (exhaustive details here: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/smallsi.htm ), but still, any engine drinking gasoline is obviously going to pollute more than the reel mower powered by elbow grease and good looks.

Electric mowers may have zero emissions in the yard where they are used, but the electricity used to power them has a byproduct of pollution, unless it’s from a sustainable source such as wind power, solar, etc.

Some air pollution from fossil fuels contributes to smog; other types are greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. The reel mower does not emit either.

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